Welcome to the iTech iMages web site. 

Here youíll find some of the photos I take at events that I attend for my kids. Over time Iíll be adding a few of the thousands of photographs Iíve taken in the last year or so. Some of my favorites are from Pocahontas County WV, Mill Creek Park (Youngstown, OH), Steamtown & other parks around Scranton (PA), Sarasota (FL), & Singapore. 

I make these photos available here for your enjoyment. If you really like some of them you may purchase professional quality prints. See the "Pricing" menu option above. 

Please note that the "Home" menu item above and the "Enter Here" link below will start a slide show that is painfully slow to load over dial-up internet connections. Please avoid that link if you're connected via a dial-up modem. 

Also note the legal stuff... as a professional photographer, all the photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved. Written permission is required to use these photographs in any way. 

Of course, if you have questions,  comments, or suggestions please email me at Tom.Walker@iTechConsulting.net.

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